Corinne Bailey Rae

Okay, let's forget for a minute that Corinne Bailey Rae performs music that your girlfriend (or your girlfriend's lonely-ass best friend) would most likely listen to. Sure, her music has been heard on episodes of female-friendly shows like Grey's Anatomy and Men in Trees and in deplorable chick flicks like 27 Dresses. A lot of tunes from her first album were put to good use in that movie where Peter O'Toole played a dirty old man trying to push up on a young girl. However, the Leeds, England native's latest album, The Sea — with its sexy, soulful songs of love and lament, accentuated by Rae's vocal coquettishness — includes music that any man could get easily into. And considering that Rae recorded this album after mourning the loss of her husband, who passed away from an accidental methadone/alcohol overdose in 2008, she deserves respect for bouncing back, continuing to make music and performing for whomever, man or woman. So if you see her in concert this week, don't be surprised if you start thinking of Rae as the Secret deodorant of Brit singer-songwriters: She might be made for a woman, but she's definitely strong enough for a man.


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