This is a classic Numbers show, all right; it's even on a Friday night. Early on a Friday night. Covenant is one of those ultra-rare bookings that make people who never threw away their Nitzer Ebb records swoon: European, synthesized, futuristic, perhaps a little humorless but absolutely dramatic. Arising from Helsingborg and Lund, Sweden, Covenant flavored their pulsating brand of electronic body music with the sci-fi overtones of William Gibson and Philip K. Dick. The trio's first major success came in the early '90s with "The Replicant" on a Swedish compilation, which led to their first full-length release, 1994's Dreams of a Cryotank. (See?) A little too sleek and symphonic to be truly industrial music, Covenant landed on these shores with electronic aggregator Metropolis Records, which has issued acclaimed albums such as Sequencer, Europa, Northern Lights and Skyshaper. In January 2011 arrived their latest, Modern Ruin, with a wealth of attendant remixes. Covenant takes the early shift Friday — 6:30 p.m. doors, no joke — leaving Numbers stalwart Wes Wallace (or wES wALLACE) to see what he can conjure to top them. Surely he'll think of something.


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