Cowboy Mouth

Remember the days when a band could come through town and sell a few thousand tickets, yet odds were that their albums weren't even in the stores? Well, Cowboy Mouth is kinda like that, one of those bands that have a catchy name -- you know you've heard of 'em somewhere along the line -- and always seem to be on tour.

Even if they aren't on the radio or hot sellers at Best Buy, Cowboy Mouth sells out shows repeatedly, and their fans are as rabid for their releases as…some sort of rabid animal. They've rocked out for Regis Philbin and Craig Kilborn. They've toured with the likes of Hootie and Better than Ezra. While that may be a turn-off to many people, there are thousands more in every town -- mostly mid- to late-twenties types trying to recapture those '90s glory days -- who disagree. Sure, it may only be Southern-fried rock ladled with a dollop of post-grunge gravy, but that dish has proved popular. Just try to tell one of their fans you think they suck. Then duck.


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