Craig Hlavaty's 10 Best Houston Albums of 2012

Craig Hlavaty's 10 Best Houston Albums of 2012

It's that time of year -- or at least it has been since, like, November -- for rock writers to show everyone else how cool they think they are with their year-end best-of lists. How obscure can you get? How controversial can you be with your choices?

"If only Honey Boo Boo released album that I could put next to Frank Ocean!" says one blogger to himself as he makes his Top 50 that no one will ever read. Who the fuck is Grimes anyway?

This best-of list is geared towards my favorite local albums of the year, the ones that grabbed me and shook me for weeks and months on end. No beers. shots, or free merch were involved.

I swear.

Craig Hlavaty's 10 Best Houston Albums of 2012

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10. Come See My Dead Person, Come See My Dead Person This was a late-comer this year, releasing just a few weeks back. The gypsy-folk-rock-bleeders' self-titled album was heralded by lead single "John Doe," a grim and grimy bounce through the graveyard or the killing floor of a slaughterhouse.

9. Female Demand, Outside the Universe Luckily the now-defunct Female Demand dropped this LP before they called it quits. Outside the Universe, their first full-length LP after two EPs. is infinitely groovier and more aggressive than the two EPs. Bassist Bradley Muñoz and drummer Jonathan Perez created one of the most hectic live experiences we've seen in years in their time, trapping crowds inside a harsh bubble of sound, sweat and light.

8. A Sea Es, A Sea Es Austin Smith wowed me with his multilayered, kaleidoscopic sound on A Sea Es' 11-track debut album. Fans of Animal Collective, Harry Nilsson, ELO, Frank Zappa, T. Rex and the Beach Boys will not be disappointed.

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