Cross Canadian Ragweed

You've got to love Cross Canadian Ragweed, those boys from Oklahoma who roll their joints all wrong. Working their way up out of college bars in Stillwater, Oklahoma City and Lubbock, Cody Canada and his buds just kept plowing fertile ground, picking around the edges of the nascent Texas music scene until they became a bona fide phenomenon. And bingo, one day the major labels started sniffing around, offering wads of money. And the good news? Unlike a bunch of the Texas-music yayhoos the labels coveted, Ragweed were the only ones who didn't play the country-music card. No, you won't be seeing Ragweed at the CMAs anytime soon or hearing them much on country stations — they rock too hard and cover songs like Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Snake Farm." These guys did it their way and still do. Go get a ticket.


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