Many metal folks first discovered the burly and titanic sounds of Crowbar through MTV's Beavis & Butt-Head back in the mid-'90s, when their clip for 1993's "Existence Is Punishment" was shown in front of the boys. (Beavis remarked favorably on the song's romantic disillusionment.) The New Orleans gunk-metal band began crawling up out of the swamp in 1988, from the remnants of various NOLA hardcore groups. Crowbar slowed down the beat and upped the misery of typical thrash, and ended up finding a devoted audience of their perfectly sludgy stew. Another son of the Crescent City, Pantera's Phil Anselmo, invited the band to open for his own crew of barrel-chested metalheads, giving Crowbar a much wider fanbase. Later on, Crowbar lead singer/guitarist Kirk Windstein would join Anselmo's Down project for NOLA and all other subsequent albums. This month Crowbar releases their first full-length in five years, Carved into Stone.


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