Cruiserweight, with the Letters Organize, My Epiphany and Blackout Pact

Siblings always have the best harmony -- in music, at least. Cruiserweight is made up of three sibs and a friend, and the band tackles the peppy, ultraharmonic genre of pop-punk with better-than-average results. After moving from Terrell and Dallas to Austin, the band found a larger fan base and followed up its EP this will undoubtedly come out wrong with Secret Weaponry. It's a strong album, from the rocking opener, "Vermont," to "Goodbye Daily Sadness," the perfect motivational track before a night on the town, to "Permanent Things," which is rife with those tight-knit familial harmonies. Their confident, spunky and sometimes comedic stage presence translates well onto the album, so it's a little hard to understand why they had such a tough go of it in Dallas. Was there no room there for girl singers or pop-punk that doesn't sound derivative and dumb? Cruiserweight has the same influences as many pop-punk groups --from the Descendents to Save Ferris to even Fleetwood Mac -- but they are a band all their own.


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