Cute Cats Used For Immoral Musical Purposes

Gashley and Nico of Cute As Hell
Gashley and Nico of Cute As Hell

Cats. The Internet. Two unstoppable forces that have gone hand in hand over the years in order to brighten the drudgery of office workers across the English-speaking world. Even when MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and other Web sites are blocked by the big brothers of corporate masterhood, most still allow you to head over to I Can Has Cheezburger for some pics of cute felines with funny captions. So imagine Rocks Off's reaction when we typed in "cute as hell" and "cats" into Google and we get a song by Cute as Hell called "Meow" nominally featuring cute pictures of cats, but really being a song about butthole. For shame, Cute as Hell. We wanted a little sunshine in our stormy day. Now, we have to go wash our minds.


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