Cymbals Eat Guitars

Have the students become the teachers? Cymbals Eat Guitars, originally a Weezer cover band in their native Staten Island, have dramatically shifted their stride since relocating to Brooklyn, where they were named "Best New Brooklyn Band" in Houston Press sister paper The Village Voice's annual "Best Of" issue. CEG's sonic soup still contains a bit of their idols' nebbish self-effacement, but it melds deftly into psych-pop and post-punk, abetted live by singer-guitarist Joseph D'Agostino's twitching, jarring solos and bloodletting dives into his alarmed bandmates' paths. But CEG ain't just all show; their woozy riffs rival The Flaming Lips, the priapic yawps a direct rebuttal to Modest Mouse. Debut Why There Are Mountains was Brooklyn's scene breakout of 2009; soon, Rivers Cuomo and Co. will be covering them.


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