With this year's new Deth Red Sabaoth LP, Glenn Danzig may have finally returned to the true sound of his first three albums after a decade and change of dabbling in tinny recording values and confounding lyrics. Deth is his ninth studio album in 20 years, and the first one to come close to the lofty depths of his landmark self-titled solo debut. For the first time in decades, Evil Elvis sounds like he's having fun, or at least making music that suits him. Lead-off track "Hammer of the Gods" and "The Revengeful" are actually catchy foot-tappers, if that's at all possible. Not since "Mother" in 1988 has he made a song with a hook that could reach out of his rabid fanbase like "Hammer." Sometimes on the album you may wonder if Danzig is singing as himself or in a "Danzig" voice, but that comes with the territory of having one of the most beloved howls in music. You wouldn't accuse Elvis of being too (Evil) Elvis.


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