Darden Smith, Dan Navarro

Darden Smith and Dan Navarro have been out on the folk-rock circuit so long they have become elder statesmen. In 2009, his 25th year of performing, Smith released the 14-song career retrospective After All This Time. He has all kinds of Houston history and connections, and is a perennial favorite in these parts. Navarro, whose songs have been covered by Pat Benatar ("We Belong"), Dionne Warwick, Dave Edmunds, the Bangles and a host of others, was one-half of the very successful songwriting/performing team of Lowen and Navarro for 29 years, although as far as performances go he's had to go it alone since Eric Lowen's diagnosis with ALS. This show will feature individual performances by both men, but the section where they will play together should make for a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience.


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