Dave Doobinin

Singer-songwriter Dave Doobinin has just put out his fourth independent release, One Station Away, a mix of alternative tunes with rock overtones and a decidedly radio-friendly feel. The Brooklyn-based Doobinin worked with producer Billy White, who was nominated for an Austin Music Award in 1999 for his work with singer Ginger Mackenzie on Earthbound, to bring some of that same polish to this release. Smooth and well produced, without becoming sleazy slick, One Station Away is a collection of haunting tracks, as dark as Elliott Smith and as political and lyrically driven as Neil Young.

One sure hit for Doobinin's show will be "Houston." Not that too many people will be able to completely decipher the free-form stream-of-conscious lyrics: "Houston's hotter than a Harlem dancehall / there are sparks from the bottom of my shoes / it's gasoline in pools" and "On every corner there's a place that gets you high / The things that money buys / sculptures carved in ice / I take a shower, then I fall asleep / I wake up with water in my ear / We take a dirty carpet ride." Uh, okay. Whatever the lyrics, "Houston" is a hypnotic tune that will have you humming along, even if you don't quite understand what it means. Lanky and Krista Hartman also appear.


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