Dave Matthews Band

Some months back, we were flipping through a Rolling Stone from 1995 wherein the Dave Matthews Band was described as one of the "dark horses" of that year. That was in the wake of the band's 1994 album Under the Table and Dreaming and subsequent breakout single "What Would You Say?" The band was then seen as an quirky aberration amongst the Hooties and Blues Travelers of the world, a benign growth on the hipper-than-thou later-grunge era, if you will. Who would have thought 15 years ago that this ragtag multiracial jam band would have been capable of six more albums, a slew of live releases, innumerable bootlegs, over 31 million albums sold and a touring apparatus capable of bringing in millions of dollars on any given night? Today the DMB is a well-oiled machine of ants marching the land playing massive arenas and amphitheaters, releasing the stray studio effort and making cash hand over fist nightly.


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