David Morales

Let us now praise the famous David Morales. The Brooklyn-born spinner/producer/remixer has a list of accomplishments that hangs over our heads like Nicole Kidman on that swing in Moulin Rouge. He has remixed tunes for such überfamous pop folk as Mariah, Whitney, Luther, Tina, Toni and both Michael and Janet. He co-founded Def Mix Productions, where such established pros as Frankie Knuckles and Satoshi Tomiie lay down their work. He even won a Grammy in 1998 for Remixer of the Year. Geez, the way this cat's been trumped up, you'd think listening to any other DJ/ producer's mixes would be blasphemous. Well, all those fancy credits may impress those Jockey Slut- reading, sophisticated folk, but he's gonna have to pull out his heavy artillery when he performs here. Hey, if our drawers don't stick to our asses after a night of sweating to some good dance music, then it's a night wasted.

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