Dax Riggs

Somehow, Dax Riggs makes it possible to echo Roy Orbison, the Stooges, Julian Cope and Deep Purple at various turns in the same song. The Austin-area resident, a veteran of more metallic groups like Golgotha and the much-beloved Acid Bath, seems to get more popular as his solo career goes along. His musical output with previous projects, and solo precursor Deadboy & the Elephantmen, brings in diverse crowds and nurtures newfound devotees, evidenced by his past few sold-out Houston gigs. He has only three proper albums to his credit, though his 2007 disc We Sing of Only Blood or Love became an instant classic upon its release, which led to a fever dream appearance at that year's Austin City Limits Music Festival. Be sure to brush up for this show with 2010's stellar Say Goodnight to the World, which managed to out-grim Blood or Love with ease.


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