Dead Prez

While the snarling synth line of "Hip Hop" that provided a walk-on for Chappelle's Show might be Dead Prez's best-known appearance in the mainstream, M-1 and's lowercase hip-hop is decidedly less comical. Drawing their antiestablishment antagonism from a history of ghetto life, scorn for police, black power and revolution, DP is pissed off and ready to share with the class in a live show that's seen them ignite dollar bills. Last year's DJ Drama-hosted mixtape Turn Off the Radio Vol. 4 celebrated the tenth anniversary of debut record Let's Get Free and nodded to their 2004 classic Revolutionary But Gangsta – all while topping radio tracks from Drake to Gucci Mane with a trademark fury. But before you head for the hills, remember that along with their anger, the duo promotes self-reliance and community empowerment. It might have an edge, but Dead Prez will definitely get you thinking.


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