Decahedron, with White Whale and the Kants

Just because the band happens to be named after a polyhedron with ten plane faces, critics have labeled Decahedron as math-rock. Enough with the hip but meaningless platitudes! All we're gonna say here us that this Washington, D.C., group rocks -- really fuckin' hard. The nation's capital has a long history of loud, pissed-off hardcore bands, but Decahedron's syncopated metal-rock has some sophisticated smarts to go along with its hardly original method of delivery. Formerly known as the Black Sea until some typical we-had-that-name-first legal shenanigans last year, the rechristened Decahedron has a more frenetic yet hook-laden sound that better complements the politicized rants of vocalist Shelby Cinca. Though the band occasionally slips into a banal hardcore buzz on its latest album, Disconnection Imminent, the lively, old-school riff rock and tempo changes in tunes like "Delete False Culture" carry the day, even if you think Cinca's generic railing against "the lies" makes him some kind of, um, math-rock egghead.


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