Dex Romweber Duo

Sorry folks, but if Jack White calls you an icon and rock and roll force, and deems you worthy of the same mantle where Little Richard and Gene Vincent both reside, then you must be doing something hellaciously correct. The Dex Romweber Duo, made up of siblings Dexter and Sara, has plenty of musical experience in between them, with Dex's Flat Duo Jets and Sara's tenure in a multitude of naughty-sounding bands both placing them amongst a rare breed of hopped-up rockers. Their newest album, Is That You In the Blue, just came out on Bloodshot Records, which keeps the DR2 in great company alongside Justin Townes Earle, Scott H. Biram, and Whitey Morgan & the 78's. Blue is a deranged, swampy 14 songs that will scratch your Link Wray and rockabilly itch, while the title track is a Roy Orbison-worthy nighttime ballad in the vein of Orbison's "In Dreams."


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