Diana Jones

Diana Jones delivered one of the top country albums of 2006, My Remembrance of You.

Part of the Austin songwriting community in the mid-1990s before migrating back East, Diana Jones reemerged from a performing hiatus in 2006 and stood the folk-music world on its ear with her stunning My Remembrance of You. Dedicated to her grandfather, who had been in a Knoxville, Tennessee, band with Chet Atkins, My Remembrance of You made numerous critics' lists for top albums of the year. The Chicago Tribune named it the No. 1 country album of 2006.

There's nothing flashy about Jones, and she never “lightens up.” Her voice has that stripped-down, Dust Bowl quality of Iris DeMent, the Appalachian edge of Gillian Welch or Alison Krauss, and the strength of Joan Baez. Without an ounce of pretense or phony artifice, her sparse sound incorporates a we'll-never-get-out-of-this-alive Hank Williams fatalism that is at once tragic and uplifting.

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