Digitalia: Blind I for the Kids

Digitalia: Blind I for the Kids

There aren't too many sites where you'll find a mixtape of Blind I operative Pickster One's DJ set on a Parisian radio station, nor will you find many mixtapes that skillfully mesh soul staples like Minnie Riperton and genre-bending duos like J*Davey without sounding all over the place.

That's what makes Blind I such a breath of fresh air: they're self-appointed tastemakers with actual taste. It's taste they're starting to get noticed for, it evidenced by Kanye West linking to them on his blog - and we all know how picky he can be. Be it hip-hop, classic soul and R&B (albeit cleverly remixed), electronica and the occasional indescribable sound, there's loads of music waiting for you. - Michael Arceneaux

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