A mainstay of the Shreveport, Louisiana scene, Dirtfoot has much in common with local faves Sideshow Tramps/Rx Medicine Show. Strummy, minstrelsy and raucous, Dirtfoot comes complete with an overdose of barking-gypsy/carnival attitude that sounds like a cabal of less-than-virtuous music majors who might pull their knives if you short them while pouring their drinks or singe any facial hair lighting their joints. With constant interplay between drums, banjo and sax, even their dirge-ish "Little Bit of Rum" features plenty of Louisiana bacchanalia, a spirit that reaches full-on hurricane force on rascally tunes like "Devil Don't Care" and "Rest My Head." Dirtfoot should fit right in with Last Concert's trippy-hippie vibe.

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