Dirty South Mix Tape Tour

If there is any truth in the belief that the South will rise again, it'll probably be in the arena of rap. After all, there are all these deep-down-South MCs coming out of the woodshed these days faster than the Dukes of Hazzard used to carry moon-shine across state lines. A huge clump of these brothas have officially come to-gether on one tour, like they're the Original Kings of Comedy or something, the better to alert other regions of the country about this rebel rap explosion. Chingy, David Banner, Killer Mike, Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz, Ying Yang Twins, Field Mob and T.I. are the ones that'll be on-stage, showing off their gold/platinum, diamond-encrusted grills and hipping audiences to the latest groans and grunts that'll most likely be street slang in a couple of days' time. They're not exactly a dirty dozen, but maybe if they can snatch up another Southern-fried It MC for the tour, like Bone Crusher or somebody, then they can refer to themselves as the "Dirty-Dirty Dozen."


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