Discount iFest Tickets Through KPFT; GaGa On Sale Next Friday; Husk Blows Away; Free Ani D Tickets & Poster Show

Discount iFest Tickets Through KPFT; GaGa On Sale Next Friday; Husk Blows Away; Free Ani D Tickets & Poster Show
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The 40th anniversary of iFest is coming up next weekend, and this year music from the Caribbean will be spotlighted, with headliner and President of Funkadelia George Clinton (right; no relation to that other President). KPFT is also turning 40 this year, and for a limited time KPFT listeners can save $2 on the price of a ticket to iFest. Use coupon code HIFKPFT04 when buying tickets on the iFest website. Hmmm. $2 off a $12 ticket. That almost makes up for the $1.50 service charge. Live Nation and Toyota Center announced this morning that Lady GaGa tickets for her July 25 "Monster Ball" show at the downtown arena, with opener Semi Precious Weapons, go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, April 9. You can get them online at or, or order them by "Telephone" at 866-446-8849. Check our sister blog Hair Balls for one writer's idea of who should serve on a jury of Billy Joe Shaver's peers. The "Live Forever" outlaw country legend's aggravated-assault trial in the 2007 parking-lot shooting at a Lorena nightclub, where Shaver allegedly asked another man "Where do you want it?" before squeezing off a couple of rounds, began jury selection in Waco today. If you missed ZZ Top this weekend on NPR's news quiz "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me," you can listen to the segment here. The show was recorded at the Wortham Theatre on Valentine's Day evening. It's pretty funny, and the boys play for local Houston listener Lennie Ambrose, also known as the man behind St. Arnold's Twitter account. You'll have to listen to the show though to find out if Ambrose ends up with Karl Cassel's voice on his answering machine.

Discount iFest Tickets Through KPFT; GaGa On Sale Next Friday; Husk Blows Away; Free Ani D Tickets & Poster Show

Music blog Breakfast on Tour is giving away tickets to see Ani DiFranco at Warehouse Live Thursday. While you're there (at Warehouse Live, we mean), check out Tom So's concert poster show. The Husk is no more. The Midtown venue was home to the most recent Lost in Space festival, but now it will become a bubble tea shop because Houston doesn't have enough of those. Grandfather Child, who rocked us at Walter's opening for Black Joe Lewis last weekend, will celebrate the release of their 7" this Friday at Mangos. Expect the place to be packed. Warpaint and Buxton are also playing, and if you remember, both the boys and girls of Rocks Off fell head over heels in lust with the ladies of Warpaint the last time they played Houston. Houston's monthly dubstep night, gritsy, has been homeless since its regular venue, La Strada, closed in November. On Saturday, though, the party will be hosting young D joker at Wired Live. More information on the gritsy Web site.  

Discount iFest Tickets Through KPFT; GaGa On Sale Next Friday; Husk Blows Away; Free Ani D Tickets & Poster Show

Sweet. The KTRU Outdoor Show is this Saturday, noon to 9 p.m., featuring Rafter, Fat Tony, Ghost Mountain and more. And it's free dollars, our very favorite price. David Beebe of Houston's El Orbits and many other musical ventures, has been splitting his time between Houston, Austin and Marfa for the last three years, but has mostly lived in Marfa, where he set up a bar, Padre's, not unlike the Continental Club, and where he's served on the city council for a two-year term. His blog is a wealth of musings about Texas and Texas music, and yesterday he announced there that he was seeking reelection for Marfa City Council. Best of luck, dude. MCM loves this idea. Golden Arrow Holy Face & Wols are planning a porch tour of Houston, May 7. If MCM had a porch, those guys would be invited. Do you have a porch? Invite them to play on it via Facebook. B.B. King is the King of the Blues, so this Guitar Center contest is confusing to MCM. Nonetheless. If you want to be the second-best King of the Blues (a.k.a. first loser) you have the chance to win up to $25,000, gear and an endorsement deal in the retailer's annual search for the greatest undiscovered guitarist in the country. See the GC website for details. But keep your hands off Lucille. Attention local musicians, music bloggers and music organizations: have something that should be included in Magnolia City Mixtape? Leave a comment below or email brittanieshey (at) gmail (dot) com.

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