DiverseWorks FUNdraiser

Although there are many others, DiverseWorks has proven itself one of Houston's leading arts nonprofits with a steady stream of multimedia fare that is provocative, endearing and just plain odd all at once. Perhaps that's why it's forged a close relationship with the local indie scene, to which those three adjectives also apply. All that programming costs money, though, so it's hardly surprising that DiverseWorks was able to fill out the lineup for its summer fundraiser (sorry, "FUNdraiser") with some of the scene's top talent. Headlining is quirky but down-home singer-songwriter Jana Hunter, last glimpsed in these parts with her moody indie-pop band Lower Dens at Free Press Summer Fest; whatever the circumstances or configuration, it's always good to have the former Houstonian back in town. Also pitching in are pop darlings the Wild Moccasins, getting ready for a busy fall as they continue work on their proper New West debut; Brett Taylor's patently unclassifiable project sIngs; and one-man wrecking crew the Wiggins, whose alter ego is DiverseWorks operations manager Jon Read. Between bands, soul scholar and occasional Houston Press contributor DJ Brett Koshkin keeps things loose on the dance floor.


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