DJ Big E's "Rock It Baby, Rock It" Show

Back in 2001, Edgar "DJ Big E" Salazar turned 30 and decided to throw a big rockabilly bash to celebrate. Though he'd hosted many a show over the years, he was worried about his first "Rock It Baby, Rock It" show. After all, this one was going to be held at the Satellite, not Local Charm or Prince's Hamburgers or any of the tiny dives he was accustomed to. "We'd have, like, 40 to 50 people at those other places, and it would look like a sold-out show," he said then. At the Satellite, "you put 40 people in, and you aren't doing a dent," he said. "We're just gonna give it a chance and see if it works, and if it doesn't, we'll just go back to doing the dives."

Well, the Satellite's long gone, but Big E hasn't gone back to the dives. His fifth "Rock It" show will be at the Continental Club this Saturday. Local bands such as Eisenhower-era country revivalists Sean Reefer and the Resin Valley Boys, psychotic Mexi-billies Flamin' Hellcats, the more trad rockabilly Luxurious Panthers, and new kids the U-Joints will all be on the bill, as will British-by-way-of-Dallas psychobilly cats the Phantom Rockers. All that and local burlesque troupe Concrete Rose Cabaret, vendors peddling rockabilly music and no fewer than three hot-rod clubs. Good old-fashioned, greasy, reverb-drenched, upright bass-slappin' fun for all.

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