DJ Chicken George

DJ Chicken George

For those who miss the shit out of DJ Chicken George from back when he used to share record-spinning duties with DJ Sun and DJ Melodic on KPFT's Soular Grooves or their various weekly residencies (my favorite was when he and Melodic would spin at the long-gone Caf Compliq in Montrose, where you could eat "paradise soup" as they spun), he'll be back in town this week to jazzy-groove us all into utopia.

Judging from the various mixes I've heard from him since he moved to Austin (another Houstonian who defected to the opportunity-paved streets of our state capital), George hasn't lost his footing when it comes to dropping electronic soul -- excuse me, he actually calls it "jazztronica." If anything, he's gotten even more lucid and soothing, weaving the kind of dance music that's way too calm and placid to dance to. It's a sound that makes you wanna sit down somewhere with a snifter full of yak -- I prefer Grand Marnier -- and just zone out.

Mixing Common with Nickodemus, Little Brother with King Britt, Talib Kweli with Stevie Wonder, it's all about coming with the mellow soul, which he now does rather seamlessly. But it isn't just the mix CDs he's hawking, mostly on his Web site. Oh, no, he also has a clothing line. Most of his gear looks too tight in the chest for me, but if he comes out with his own brand of DJ Chicken George yak, I'll be the first one to buy a bottle.


DJ Chicken George

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