DJ Jester

If you've never heard a DJ mix George Strait with some classic Young MC, then screw down some gangsta rap vocals over bagpipes and beats, you've obviously never been to a DJ Jester gig. Hailing from San Antonio -- though born and raised in West Columbia -- Jester is more than just a DJ. He's a turntablist with soul, a quality sorely lacking in the scratch-happy set. Not content with merely going buck wild over some break beats, Jester approaches his craft with the vision of John Peel and the skill of Mixmaster Mike. His latest mix CD, Heavily Booted, is so far out there, even Sun Ra would need a map to find his way around it. Bombastic beats, audacious noise and a penchant for making sounds fit together that just, well, shouldn't are his signature. His first release, the critically acclaimed Riverwalk Riots, got Ice T's and Willie Nelson's stamp of approval. Now where's yours?


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