DJ Peretz

Somehow, some way, Perry Farrell, the starry-eyed front man for both Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros and mastermind of that legendary alt-rock road show Lollapalooza, has now convinced himself -- and a few celebrities -- that he's a bona fide spin man. Last September, he premiered his DJ persona at a New York fashion store opening attended by such famous folk as LL Cool J and P. Diddy. And he's been running with it ever since. Excuse us for being a tad pessimistic about Farrell's mix-and-match skills, but you've got to be skeptical when a guy who's not exactly known for cutting up a turntable suddenly decides he should be. Then again, the freaky Farrell may just bring something refreshingly unorthodox to the DJ booth. Hell, he may even spin butt-bald-nekkid!


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