DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid

Though he's known mostly for his work as a turntablist, New York-born-and-bred Spooky (a.k.a. Paul D. Miller) isn't afraid to step out of his niche. He's a well-rounded, eclectic artist who has collaborated with hip-hoppers (Kool Keith and Organized Konfusion), free jazz players (Matthew Shipp and William Parker), dub legends (Lee "Scratch" Perry and Mad Professor), indie rockers (Thurston Moore) and metalheads (Dave Lombardo). Spooky's recorded work has been lauded as futuristic and intelligent (as well as decried as excessive and indulgent, but never mind that), and his live show is an all-encompassing experience. Along with funky hip-hop breaks, spastic drum 'n' bass freakouts and downtempo grooves, the stage is saturated with colorful video, also created by the man of the hour. Guess he's not called That Subliminal Kid for nothing.

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