DJ Witnes, Spain Colored Orange, You (genious), DJ Paramour, Paris Falls, Wicked Poseur, DJ Melodic

Spain Colored Orange promise to premiere new songs at Saturday's Proletariat anniversary.
Daniel Kramer

Love it or hate it — and it's nigh impossible to be neutral about the place — the Proletariat has something other Houston nightlife outposts wish they did: an ­honest-to-­goodness scene, and quite a scene at that. In five years, the modest building near Richmond and Montrose has become perhaps the premier place for local musicians, DJs and artists of a certain stripe — think KTRU — to exhibit their works and exchange ideas, as well as get an eye-­popping display of fashion coups and crimes among the club's youthful clientele (especially Thursdays at Rockbox). Even when it proves less than profitable, Proletariat's Houston-first attitude deserves to be celebrated right alongside the club's fifth-anniversary Saturday night. Like a real trooper, the club is even donating part of Saturday's take to like-minded local Web site the Skyline Network, who in turn are giving away some spiffy T-shirts listing everyone who's anyone in Houston music. That of course includes headliners Spain Colored Orange, premiering several songs from January's Sneaky Like a Villain, the full-length follow-up to their award-winning Hopelessly Incapable of Standing in the Way EP. Local pop standouts Paris Falls contribute some pleasing tunes from this summer's Vol. 1 and forthcoming Vol. 2, and then there's electro-goth crooner Wicked Poseur and "Misfit of R&B" You (genious) getting crazy on the solo tip, and turntable madness from DJs Witnes, Paramour and Melodic. Other goodies include free pizza and Red Bull, a keg of super-cheap beer and a few other things the club wants to keep under its hat until Saturday.

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