Domino Kings

They may not be from Texas, but Springfield, Missouri's Domino Kings are still one of the best country bands on planet Earth right now. Not that schmaltzy Nashvegas country; not that Southern-rock-dressed-up-in-a-creased-plastic-cowboy-hat country; no, theirs is the genuine purist's article full of big, bent Telecaster licks, aching Ozark harmonies and, occasionally, enough wildman-on-a-Friday-night trailer-park testosterone to fill their own private sperm bank. Their fourth album, Some Kind of Sign, has drawn praise from everyone from Vintage Guitar to NPR for its classic form and the timeless quality of the songwriting. Recent personnel changes find original members Stevie "Guitar" Newman and rockabilly drummer Les Gallier teamed with electric guitar whiz Richie Rebuth and bassist David Sowers. Sowers's showmanship is such that he actually occupies center stage in this decidedly non-pretty-boy band. When they aren't twanging out the hard-core honky-tonk, these Kings have no problem covering vintage material that ranges from rockabilly to Chuck Berry to Link Wray.


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