Donny the Downloader: ASCAP Is Down with the Kids

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, ASCAP for short, has apparently decided the best way to get those darn teens to, you know, pay for their music is by creating a complete douche-bag cartoon character named “Donny the Downloader.” “Donny is a 14-year-old who’s tech-savvy, but unaware of the bigger picture of why illegal downloading hurts the same performing artists and songwriters whose music he loves,” according to ASCAP’s

Web site


Judging by the excerpt from the “Donny the Downloader Experience” – ASCAP’s hour-long multimedia anti-piracy presentation geared at middle schoolers that, Idolator muses, “seems designed to goad surly pubescents into a riot” – Donny is a complete tool who will very likely have some major issues with the opposite sex in the years to come. But he is good for a laugh or two. – Chris Gray


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