(Don't) Book 'Em, Dano: 42 Artists Who Have Absolutely No Business Touring Together

(Don't) Book 'Em, Dano: 42 Artists Who Have Absolutely No Business Touring Together

When Rocks Off received word last week that indie duo The Big Pink was embarking on a 2010 tour with NYC's A Place to Bury Strangers, our initial thought was, "Cool," followed closely by, "Ew." For once, there's a promo poster we really have no desire to see. But then our next thought was, "Could there possibly be any worse tour pairings than that?" Ha. Could there, indeed.

Ellen James Society/The Genies We know John Irving is a great author and all, but are his characters so complex they can actually cross dimensional barriers and pursue Robin Williams' characters in all their forms?

Whitesnake/The Flaming Lips Rocks Off would rather not speculate about the nature of the interaction between these two disparate groups, but we're betting it wouldn't be "slow and easy."

The Circle Jerks/The Popes Knowing the Church's stance on Onanism, mutual or otherwise, it's no surprise the Popes initially balked. Adding Bo Diddley to the bill, on the other hand...

Adam and the Ants/Black Flag This could be the start of an annual "Monsters of Vermin" tour, to be followed in 2011 by Ratt with Trapt.

Asia/America/Europe tour Australia They'll cover Toto's "Africa" and Men Without Hats' "Antarctica," which should cover everybody. At least until those bitchy Atlanteans show up.

The Shins w/guest drummer DJ Bonebrake Wincing the night away, indeed.

Ace of Base/Lords of Acid No one can say what reaction would result from yuppie fans of the Swedish pop group exposed to the Belgian house band's selections from Lust and Greatest T*ts . Maybe everyone's hair would bleach, or maybe their indigestion would go away.

GEICO Presents the Chameleons UK with the Cro-Mags And perfect marketing synchronicity was achieved...

Yes/NOMEANSNO We're trying to think of two bands we've listed with less likelihood of fan cross-pollination. Perhaps the Maybes? could broker a peace accord.

Atari Teenage Riot/Arcade Fire We should have seen this coming. After all, the first usually leads to the second.

Built to Spill/Two Tons of Steel

Actually...Rocks Off thinks we actually saw this show. No one was hurt, thank goodness.

L.A. Guns/New York Dolls The original East Coast-West Coast rivalry. Our money's on the Gunners, unless Arthur Kane returns from the dead with sinister new Mormon powers.

Hanoi Rocks/Saigon Kick With Red Rockers as support act. Vietnam is united once ROCK. The Communist government watches and exhales in relief, knowing "Love is On the Way" might have become the new socialist youth anthem.

Operation Ivy/The Hives We bet the crowds would have a decent time together, until surprise guest Sting showed up, that is.

T. Rex/The Pixies You thought Bambi vs. Godzilla was bad. And who knew Black Francis could get any shorter?

The The/Duran Duran/Talk Talk The Redundancy Tour got off to a shaky start when Lady GaGa and Tony! Toni! Toné! sued for discrimination.

Steely Dan/Anal Cunt Rocks Off's only advice to concert attendees: don't wear clothes you're particularly attached to.

The Police/Public Enemy Sting and Stewart Copeland finally settle their differences, finding common ground with Chuck D in their desire to beat Flavor Flav to death with tire irons.

The Strokes/Lard Our dream tour sponsors? The Beef Council and Van Camp's Pork & Beans.

Massive Attack/Minor Threat Time to make up your mind: expansive trip-hop or aggressive, minimalist hardcore? And are we allowed to spark up in here?

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