Phil Anselmo is a busy man. Besides remaining one of the most iconic voices in metal, he's running his own imprint, Housecore Records, and working hands-on, one-on-one with Housecore bands such as Haarp and Warbeast. "I like to work with my guys and see their vision through," Anselmo says. He's readying a set of four EPs for Down, his main band these days, the first of which should be heading to stores soon, with each of the releases dealing with a different theme. There is also the recent 20th-anniversary reissue of Pantera's landmark release Vulgar Display of Power, which he and the other surviving Pantera members helped put together. On top of all this, expect a Phillip H. Anselmo record here in the next year. "It's an extreme listen," he says. "I tried to take everything I knew about heavy metal and extreme music and contradict it, take it like a ball of clay and reshape it." Anything that was traditionally metal, he adds, was tricked out, with the help of guitarist and Houston native Marzi Montazeri. "Just to call this record heavy metal would be shortchanging it," Anselmo promises.


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