Dr. Dog, Deer Tick

Philadelphia's Dr. Dog has come a long way since the group's origins in a City of Brotherly Love basement around the turn of this decade. The five-piece self-released the lo-fi fruits of those labors, the double-length The Psychedelic Swamp, in 2001, and each new album reconciles Dr. Dog's indie impulses with their undisguised love of '60s pop à la Harry Nilsson, the Kinks and (of course) the Beatles a little further. That process began to bloom on 2008's Fate, but becomes a fully formed flower on the just-released Shame, Shame. Songs such as "Stranger," "Mirror, Mirror" and "Someday" will give Flaming Lips and Blur fans plenty to smile about, while "Later" may be the lost MGMT single fans were expecting, but didn't quite get, on that group's new album Congratulations. Opening is Deer Tick, the Rhode Island group as enamored of Billy Gibbons and Ronnie Van Zant as Dr. Dog is of Ray and Dave Davies.


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