Drake Will Not Be Running Through Arena Theatre With His Woes

Drake Will Not Be Running Through Arena Theatre With His Woes
Photo by Violeta Alvarez

It sounded too good to be true, ya know? That Drake show over at Arena Theatre on May 17? It's being "postponed."

This evening Arena Theatre sent out emails saying... well...

"Regrettably, we want to offer a full refund for your purchase of Drake tickets. The Arena Theatre was issued a contract and sent the appropriate deposit related to this contract, however, Drake has not confirmed his availability to perform under the terms of this agreement for the May 17th date."

Sad day.

The email continued:

We are aggressively working with the OVO camp to arrange a mutually-agreeable date. Upon confirmation, you will be the first people notified due to your loyal patronage. Please accept our heartfelt apologies and know that we have all the documentation related to this date that would substantiate the veracity of this statement. We would never take your valued support for granted nor knowingly mislead you with false show information.

Sounds awfully defensive, if you ask me.

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