Dreamfest 2

Musically speaking, are you something of an Anglophile? Do you demand some dream in your pop? Do you like to gaze at your shoes? Or do you just want the chance to check out 32 local and regional bands in one day? If you answered "Word up, beeyotch!" to any or all of these questions, Washington Avenue will be the hot spot all day this Saturday. Dreamfest 2, a ten-hour music festival benefiting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, will be taking place on three stages -- at Walter's, Mary Jane's Fat Cat and the Rhythm Room -- and for a mere ten bucks you can see Tody Castillo, Strangelight, Flowers to Hide, the Watermarks, Arthur Yoria, Casino and Deep Ella, among dozens of others, most of whom ascribe (whether they admit it or not) to the melancholy tenets of the Radiohead/Jeff Buckley cult. With the Press Music Awards Showcase looming a couple of months down the road, this benefit should make for a great tune-up.


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