Drenched In Blog: ACL Fest in Photos

Drenched In Blog: ACL Fest in Photos

Someone got the bright idea to pair Paolo Nutini and Ray Benson from Asleep at the Wheel for an artist panel in the media lounge. They ask Paolo what it’s like to tour in Texas, and so he goes off on this weird patronizing reply in his lady-killing Scotch-Italian accent. All the older women in the tent start gushing like he’s frickin’ Leif Garrett. Then the question gets asked to Benson, and he starts laying down a good ol’ boy anecdote, comparing touring to fishing. It was juxtaposition at its grisliest.

Drenched In Blog: ACL Fest in Photos

“No, I agree. Monster was our attempt at late-period grunge cred. But you gotta admit, Automatic for the People was the shit, yo,” said Michael Stipe as he talked to an uninterested IT guy from Round Rock.

Drenched In Blog: ACL Fest in Photos

A few things here:

1. It’s a parasol, not an umbrella. When it’s not raining, it’s a goddamn parasol. A PARASOL!!!

2. Your girlfriend doesn’t mind the heat and sun, but you seem to be such a delicate dandelion. Where’s the castration booth? Ah, here it is. Right next to the misting tent.

Drenched In Blog: ACL Fest in Photos

“Dude, this is awesome! No one has ever played hackey sack outdoors in Austin. I feel like we’re astronauts or something. Freshman year is the best.”

-- Craig Hlavaty

Click here for a slideshow by Mark C. Austin of Friday's action.

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