Drenched In Blog: Blog Action Day

Today has been heralded as Blog Action Day, a day for blogs everywhere to raise awareness about the environment and how we can make subtle changes to positively affect it.

Pish-posh. I do protest, hippie.

See, I write about inept musicians and post video clips that have sometimes only a vague connection to the print put before it. No way I’m gonna stop that party train to reflect on how I don’t recycle my used PBR cans or throw used cigarette butts at children waiting for the school bus. I rarely bathe, so I guess I’m doing my part to conserve water. After I get drunk at shows, I puke in the grass outside the venue to conserve paper towels, thus saving a few trees. And when I get new music, I steal it so I don’t have to waste gas going to the record store. All my proceeds from today’s blog are going to help a nursing student that dances at Sugar’s on I-45 go to community college.

See, I’m a regular Al Gore. Give me a Nobel Peace Prize for being awesome. Today’s video is honor of the sun, which, according to Mr. Gore, will one day kill us all. – Craig Hlavaty


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