Drenched in Blog: Bo Knows Hospitals

Bo Diddley had a heart attack this past weekend, adding to his already long list of recent ailments. He’s in an intensive care unit at the moment, after having a stent installed in his heart. The 78-year-old rock icon, who destroyed audiences with his trademark rectangular guitar, suffered a stroke in May. Diddley has his own practically patented sound, the “hambone,” which everyone thereafter diligently took and ran with. In fact, some say he created rap, heavy metal and modern distortion and reverb effects.

Mr. Elias Otha Bates McDaniel, hang tough, buddy. But if ya gotta go, please send us down a bootleg of what’s going on up there. This vid’s for you.

Plus, check out sexy mama Lady Bo on the right.

One and two and three and four, and one and two and three and four.........

And a bonus clip from 1990 with Bo Jackson, the world’s most awesome two-sport athlete.

-- Craig Hlavaty


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