Drenched in Blog: It's Bjorkin' Time!

Well, it's happened again. A rock star has attacked brutally attacked a poor little photographer. And no, it wasn't a member of an infamous rap group or some cracked-out ex-sex symbol with two children. It was Bjork.

Iceland's favorite batshit chanteuse ripped into a photographer in a New Zealand airport this weekend as she flew in for the annual Big Day Out festival. The best part is that this is her second offense. She did this to another hapless shutterbug back in 1996 while she was pushing her child in a stroller. See here:

I want to know how this photographer can come home at night and explain to his wife that the lady that wore a dead swan around her body to the Oscars beat him down like a cheerleader in locker-room girl fight. How do you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning without just cashing in your manhood and living like a eunuch in Calcutta? Huh? All these questions and many more will be answered in my upcoming book , …The Fuck is Your Problem?Craig Hlavaty


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