Drenched in Blog: Juno Hits No. 1

What kind of world have we have found ourselves in when a soundtrack featuring the Velvet Underground, Moldy Peaches, and Sonic Youth covering the Carpenters is the best-selling record in America?

Don't get me wrong – this is pretty cool stuff. Five years ago, if you would have said someone like Kimya Dawson would be a chart-topper, I would have taken a drag from my Marlboro Red and called you a butt-stove. Then I would have asked you if you wanted sausage or pepperoni on that pizza. I'm just excited that this soundtrack also features my favorite Kinks song, "A Well-Respected Man." Plus the Cat Power track makes my manly bottom lip quiver whenever I hear it.

I meant to say… UFC KICKS ASS!!! – Craig Hlavaty


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