Drenched in Blog: Nick Cave Digs Lazarus

2008 is but a week away, but it's already sounding brutal. Next year we can expect new releases from the Mars Volta, a Flight of the Conchords studio record, and a Rick Rubin-helmed Metallica disc. Plus a new Eagles of Death Metal record that I will no doubt be hectoring readers about until December.

This is the first thing to get stoked about. A new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds record, Dig, Lazarus, Dig! Hot on the heels of 2007’s dirty-old-man Grinderman project comes a whole new set of grimy Southern Gothic dirges from Mr. Cave. The new single is streaming on the web now. Ouija boards are going to be 2008's iPhones, I predict. Or at least I can hope.

Here's a cool video, with a sassy title. I'm getting a jump on the naughty list for next year. – Craig Hlavaty


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