Drenched in Blog: Radiohead Gets Nekkid!

Whatever happened to normal music videos? These days all we see are things going backwards, crazy-ass French animation, and people making asses of themselves on treadmills. What became of the clips featuring pseudo-religious iconography and she-males puking in toilets? Remember "Smack My Bitch Up"? That Prodigy video MTV only showed like twice on some Matt Pinfield show in 1997? That was the bomb, yo. I long for a simpler time when all you needed was Motley Crue riding choppers and throwing money at Sunset Strippers to sell albums.

Anyway, this is a new Radiohead clip from In Rainbows, which just made its debut in physical-disc form Tuesday. It's called "Nude." Sorry ladies, all one of you, Thom Yorke is not shaking his cred-maker. It's actually just the band performing in extremely slow motion. Slowly. – Craig Hlavaty


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