Drenched in Blog: Stone Temple Reunion

It was unofficially announced last week, in separate interviews with Slash and Scott Weiland, that Stone Temple Pilots are reuniting for a tour. Touring should begin by the summer, sometime after Velvet Revolver unceremoniously implodes.

When I excitedly told my friends this wonderful news over the weekend, I was met with general disdain. What did everyone hate about this band? Is it possible I’m one of the few people who still enjoy the dark, sinuous vocals of ex-junkie Weiland and the adequate drumming of Eric Kretz? The interlocking guitar and bass work of the DeLeo brothers? Is it weird that my favorite album of 1996 wasn't Sleater-Kinney's Call the Doctor, but a little something called Tiny Music: Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop?

Whatever. I will still be front row if they hit Houston. Even if it is some Buzz-sponsored show with $10 beers and 10,000 douchebags in Affliction T-shirts crawling around some inhospitable venue. I'm growing my butt-cut out now for you, Mr. Weiland. Just promise you’ll play "Big Bang Baby" first. – Craig Hlavaty


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