D.R.U.M., DUBTEX, Rattletree Marimba

The title of the latest CD by D.R.U.M. — that's Divine Rhythm, United Motion for you newcomers — is a mouthful, and not technically a word, but it's probably the best description of the long-running Houston Afro-reggae group's music and philosophy anyone could ever come up with: Loveternalightruthealingrowthappiness. Get all that? In plain English, that's love, eternal, light, truth, healing, growth and happiness. That's D.R.U.M., all right, a group that truly believes music is a mystical experience, and in almost 20 years has left no Afro-Caribbean rhythm and style untouched in its quest for the perfect groove. Saturday's CD release for, well, you know — D.R.U.M.'s first recording since 2004's D.R.U.M. Live — is just the latest stop on its journey, with Austin's Rattletree Marimba and Houston's DUBTEX along to further ensure everyone has a funky good time. One love, y'all.


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