Dub Trio

The fusing of punk and dub music isn't a recent development. The Clash's seminal 1980 track "Bankrobber," with Mikey Dread at the controls, is an early (and still most recognizable) stab at this Frankenstein genre. But the New York-based instrumental band Dub Trio makes the musical melding the linchpin of their sound. Stu Brooks (bass/keys), DP Holmes (guitar/keys) and Joe Tomino (drums/keys) were in other bands and then started playing as a unit in 2003, mostly at improv gigs around the city. Inspired by the likes of King Tubby, Suicide and, most importantly, Bad Brains, they debuted the next year with Exploring the Dangers Of. Dub Trio's second release is New Heavy, which sees them moving away from mostly dub/reggae into more rock-oriented territory in tracks like "Illegal Dub" and "Cool Out and Coexist," with their tinges of speed and thrash, while "Table Rock Dub" is more experimental. Fans of the show 24 can groove to the tribute "Jack Bauer," and the dub echoes are first and foremost on "Sunny I'm Kill." Wildly experimental vocalist Mike Patton, formerly of Faith No More, makes a suitably bizarre appearance on "Not Alone," the only track with vocals. A combination of chillin' and ragin', Dub Trio has a sound all their own.


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