"Dukes of September Rhythm Revue"

Can you get any more smooth, dashing and polarizing than this show? We submit that you cannot. Featuring Steely Dan's swarthy Fagen, falsetto king/demon McDonald and the suave, safe Scaggs, this show will captivate those of us who long ago had our guilty-pleasure chips upgraded to enjoy full-tilt corn. What we mean to say is, we will have as much fun at this show as your mother, if not more. (She'll probably be in the front row, too.) Expect a handful of radio hits from each artist, sprinkled among a smattering of the trio's favorite rock and soul cuts, from the Grateful Dead's "Shakedown Street" to the O'Jays' "Love Train." It is a "revue," after all. Hearing Scaggs's "Lowdown" next to the Doobie Brothers' "What a Fool Believes" is now an intense possibility. This jaunt could alternately be dubbed the "Guys Whose Vinyl You See Strewn About Every Thrift Store in America Tour," and we mean that in the most sincere way possible.


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