Dwarves' Web site brags that their 1990 al­bum, Blood, Guts and Pussy — featuring naked women and a midget drenched in animal blood on the cover, and tales of STDs, prostitution and statutory rape inside — was named by Spin magazine as the "most offensive album of all time." Sounds like a pretty tall order, but this is the band famously dropped from Sub Pop after putting out a bogus press release announcing guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named's supposed death in a Philadelphia stabbing. Dwarves, who began as Chicagoland's Suburban Nightmares before relocating to the Bay Area, have been refining /defiling their over-the-top shock-punk since 1986 debut Horror Stories, accruing some famous friends along the way: 2004's The Dwarves Must Die, their most recent LP, features walk-ons from Dexter Holland (Offspring), Nash Kato (Urge Overkill) and ex-Queen of the Stone Age Nick Olivieri. And although singer Blag Dahlia is now a legitimate published author — amazon.com touts his 2006 novel Nina as a "twisted and surreal tale of an object of desire that gives as good as she gets" — his band's live shows continue to be riotous orgies of, well, blood, guts and pussy.


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