Earth, Wind & Fire

It's always "September" for Earth, Wind & Fire.

"Do you remember the twenty-first night of September?" Chances are you probably don't remember what you ate for breakfast on Monday morning, but you know the origins of that lyric all too well. Earth, Wind & Fire may just be scientific elements to the musically deprived, but for those schooled on '70s pop-funk, they're the originals. Grooving for more than three decades now, EWF thankfully shows no signs of stopping, continuing to bring everything and everyone but the kitchen sink onstage with them — including co-headliners Chicago — to make for a soul-stirring good time. With multiple Grammys and too many hits to count ("Shining Star," "September," "Let's Groove"), there isn't too much that this band has left to achieve; they've done it all. Over the decades, EWF has never stopped writing and performing songs that are both musically beyond reproach and make their audience just want to dance. But there's no age requirement to enjoy Earth, Wind & Fire — you just have to allow that elemental funk to hit you.

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